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Field Songs – Introduction

20 February 2013

To all fellow gardeners, farmers, singers and musicians! I’m on the hunt – or forage, if you will – for songs about plants, food, farming, labour and land. Do you have any suggestions? Last summer, some friends and I explored songs and sang as we worked in the fields of urban Vancouver, planting out and […]

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Field Songs Suggestions Page

19 February 2013

Do you know a good song about plants, food, farming, labour and/or land? Share it here! For more information about the Field Songs project, and how else to get involved, see the Field Songs Introduction. Thanks!

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30 November 2010

plot There’s a fence and a track down one side, but no way up this weedy incline. As I cut one, the leaves seem to laugh, in just days there’s no trace of my path. A strange cocktail awaits me outside: “Why bother?” their eyes seem to cry, “We’ve whipped and subdued it elsewhere. Shiny […]

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