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about sleep

about sleep

30 November 2010

s l e e p insomniac dreams hardwired to a harsh world > available on CD / download featured songs: Crazy World Chasing Hope Mother’s Daughter Sunny Day Plot Packer’s Field Fahrenheit Come Home Calon Lân Sleep was written and performed by Eirlys Rhiannon and Rowan Armes,  joined by special guest percussionists Simon Leach (East […]

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sleep on cd or download

sleep on CD or download

29 November 2010

s l e e p d o w n l o a d Napster / eMusic / iTunes s l e e p C D via paypal – includes £1 donation to Packers Field Campaign Natterjack Press non-profit anarchist distribution collective Spillers the oldest record shop in the world or available at selected info shops, […]

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