Fahrenheit on my mind.
I wish sleep would come tonight.
But I’m jumping at the sound
of every siren, every voice I hear
seems to shout out my name,
the darkness breathes with me.

Fahrenheit on my mind,
I can’t leave these things behind:
did I have to do it
did I have to go there?
Who am I to say
that the system’s not fair?
Was I wasting, wasting time?


The call came through around three a.m.
– they’ve kicked down doors in another town.
Will they find us here, will they think to look?
Is this gonna be the time
that I’m brought to book?


Will you stand by me when
– if, when –
will you stand by me
when the shit comes in?


I have found my courage
on better days,
and I’ve weighed my worth
in lighter times,
only secrecy can save me now.


I know to some it might sound strange,
but I’m just trying to do right
– I don’t know if my halo’s
gonna stay up in this fight.
I didn’t hurt anybody,
and I wouldn’t even try,
but even so those hypocrites
are gonna string me up on high.

Despite the nuclear earth
and the chemical seeds,
guns in the hands of children
starving on their knees,
big money’s got an eye
and it chooses what it sees,
and maybe tonight it’ll choose to see
the problem is…


I put my head above the parapet,
so duck down boys
there’s rough times ahead.
It’s a fragile freedom
that we’ve found,
if we’re gonna go down
make it underground!


I wish sleep would come tonight.

Words and music by Eirlys Rhiannon

As performed on Sleep by:
Vocals, Guitar, additional vocals – Eirlys Rhiannon
Fiddle – Rowan Armes
Djembe and Seedpod – Yas Brien

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