how to host survival tales

Thanks for your interest in hosting a Survival Tales event. Contact me, and we’ll make a plan. Meanwhile, the info below might be helpful:

mix and match
There are two parts – performance and parlour game (read the description here). They can work together as one event, but I’m excited to experiment with mix and match! For instance, splitting into two linked events for your group, or the parlour game will work well as a workshop/discussion at gatherings.

Survival Tales works best in small but comfortable spaces, for around 12-20 people. It was written with living rooms, community gardens and social centres in mind, and it works in other venues too. (But not noisy music / pub venues.) A standalone performance could work in a theatre setting.

There is artwork and text available for fliers and invitations.

benefits, door policy and access
Benefits are welcome. All events must include a ‘no-one is turned away for lack of funds’ door policy. Kids and all-ages shows very welcome, and I’m happy to work through any other access questions.

Survival Tales has been tons of fun so far, and it’s really exciting to get together with people to plan a new show! I look forward to hearing from you.
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