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“The Blue Sequoias went first and the duo really do create an amazing harmony. The band are two women, one with guitar and one swaps between fiddle and piano. Their songs are sometimes funny, sometimes sad and all were engaging. The harmonies just picked you up with them and carried you along. Well worth the journey. Superb.”

GM Unplugged at The Plough Bristol, March 2006 – Anarchist 606 on Bristol Indymedia

“The Blue Sequoias were about to kick off. Eirlys, the main singer, is a powerful solo performer in her own right (another Performers Night favourite), but the addition of Rowan’s violin and keyboards really takes the music to another level. The Greenbank is a lively, noisy place on a Friday night, and bands have to compete with the chatter of the crowd, but even so, the Blue Sequoias can stop you in mid-conversation with their sheer musicality. The material is mostly original with a few covers. One of these is Jam by Michelle Shocked,a song about the pleasures of jam making. They finished their first set with this number and then gave out home-made jam and cakes to the audience. I’m hoping this will start a trend among among other bands.

Due to the effects of alcohol, the second half of the set was(to me at any rate) a blur of song, fiddles, keyboards and dancing of the enthusiastic audience. Another great Greenbank night to try and remember. The Blue Sequoias are a band with very local roots but, who knows, they may outgrow Greenbank. Do see them if you get the chance.”

The Greenbank, Bristol, October 2005 – Steve Burwell for Greenbank Music

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