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Many thanks to everyone who has participated in the Survival Tales shows to date.
Your thoughts and feedback are very much welcomed – use the comments form below, or email contact (at)

Singing was beautiful and powerful especially in such a close informal setting … I enjoyed [the workshop]. It was fun and thought-provoking.

Rebecca, participant at Cafe Kino, Bristol, May 2010

I thought the whole thing worked very well, particularly with the small, intimate audience. Was a great evening, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dave, participant at Cafe Kino, Bristol May 2010

Thank you so much for the performance last week at LARC. I enjoyed it so much, I thought the performance and songs were brilliant, and I loved the workshop, it made me think so much.

Sara (participant at London Action Resource Centre May 2010), via email. Sara went on to host a show for Transition Belsize – thanks Sara!

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to Cambridge and sharing your songs and ideas with us. It was a great evening, and I spent the next week finding new stuff to put on and take off my liferaft… to the point where i decided I could no longer justify keeping hold of that rusty old van that was pulling the whole damn raft underwater and polluting the ocean while I kept on averting my eyes to the destruction caused through its use…so its gone, thanks. :)

Markos, participant at Jonny’s Garden, Cambridge, June 2010

A really wonderful experience, that managed to challenge some of the ‘stories’ I hold most dear without patronising or intimidating me.

Lucy, participant at Oliver’s Cafe, July 2010, via Transition Belsize

It completely defied my expectations (in the best way possible). The idea of combing cultural stories with music and role play was really interesting and different :)

Mary, participant at Oliver’s Cafe, July 2010, via Transition Belsize.

A fabulous, captivating evening. Compelling story telling and beautiful songs delivered with a charisma that could be experienced at close proximity. Nice venue as well.

Andy, participant at Oliver’s Cafe, July 2010, via Transition Belsize

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