about the blue sequoias

The Blue Sequoias are Eirlys Rhiannon and Rowan Armes. We began playing music together in 2003, performing local shows in and near Bristol, UK – read some amusing reviews here.

In 2005 we recorded a demo CD, 3 Songs, kindly reviewed by Toxic Pete here. 3 Songs was recorded and mixed by Ian Popperwell, of EastPole Orchestra, and featured Light Your Sky, Vertigo, and The Dance.

In 2006, we dropped the name The Blue Sequoias for the time being. This allowed Eirlys to play additional shows as a solo artist, while giving Rowan flexibility to play only selected dates, fitting around her other life endeavours. We continued to play together and create musical arrangements as before.

2008 saw the completion of the album Sleep, which was recorded and produced by Eirlys, and released in her name, but which was primarily a presentation of our song arrangement collaborations. Seven of the nine songs were already favourites with Blue Sequoias audiences, featuring Rowan’s distinctive fiddle and piano arrangements, and her melodic vocal harmonies.

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